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November 19, 2016


6 egg whites

12 tbsp castor sugar

1 tbsp kiwi fruit vinegar

1 tbsp corn flour

1 tsp vanilla essence.

Whipped cream for garnishing

Sliced fruit for garnishing


1An important step for success is to have all ingredients at room temperature and to ensure all utensils used are really clean and free of any grease.

2Pre heat your oven to 140 degrees Celsius.

3Place the egg whites into a mixing bowl and beat until stiff.

4Add two tbsp of sugar and beat for one minute, repeat until all the sugar is used. Do not speed through this process, it is important to do this slowly, as this step prevents the Pavlova from collapsing once baked.

5Add the rest of the ingredients and beat well. Line your baking tray with grease proof paper and gently spread the mixture onto the paper to make a circular base of approx 20cm in diameter. Make sure the edges of the pavlova are slightly higher then the centre so you have a very slight well in the middle.

6Bake the Pavlova for about 1 hour and 15 minutes or until it goes a very pale, pinkish egg shell colour.

7Turn the oven off and leave the door slightly ajar to let the meringue cool completely.

8Remove the Pavlova carefully from the baking paper and garnish with whipped cream, decorate with plenty of fruit and serve immediately.


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