Marinated Summer Berries

Marinated Summer Berries

  By admin

November 19, 2016


1 punnet blueberries

1 punnet raspberries

1 punnet black berries

1 punnet boysenberries

1 punnet strawberries

icing sugar

20gm Honey (use 50gm if you want to replace the brown sugar with honey)

40gm brown sugar

100ml Pinot Noir Vinegar


1De-stemm all berries and very carefully give them a gentle wash.

2Pat them dry and place in a bowl.

3Give them a dust with the icing sugar, the sweeter the berries are, the less icing sugar you need to use, a very light dust is recommended as the sugar will draw some moisture out of the berries and the berries can marinate in their own juices, this step is up to your taste though.

4In a small pot combine honey, brown sugar and Pinot Noir vinegar and bring to the boil.

5Remove from the heat and let cool a little.

6Pour the liquid over the berries and very gentle mix, an easy way of doing this is to pour the berries carefully from one bowl into another.

7Leave covered to marinate for a minimum of 4 hours, preferably overnight.

8Serve with ice cream or with your favourite dessert, also very delicious on its own. The best flavour of the berries comes out at room temperature. The marinating liquid tastes also fantastic mixed with sparkling wine.


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