Marinated Kiwifruit

Marinated Kiwifruit

  By admin

November 19, 2016


Fresh ripe kiwifruit

Icing sugar to taste

Kiwifruit vinegar


1Peel the kiwifruit and dice into small pieces.

2Sprinkle the kiwifruit with some icing sugar. The amount of icing sugar you use depends on the sweetness of the fruit and your individual taste. The icing sugar will draw liquid out of the kiwifruit and the fruit begins to marinate in its own juices.

3Add the kiwifruit vinegar, a little at the time.

4Taste and adjust until you have a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

5Leave to marinate in the fridge over night.

6Taste and adjust with sugar or vinegar if necessary.

7Enjoy with Pavlova or ice cream.


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