Lager Vinegar 100ml Atomiser

$ 10.50 incl. gst

This unique vinegar is made from New Zealand lager  beer. It has a spicy, slightly bitter taste, the beer characteristics, especially the hoppy flavour is well preserved in this fantastic vinegar

Lager vinegar is very versatile, in vinaigrettes for dark leaf salads, to marinate fish, vegetables or meat (especially pork). Fantastic on raw fish or carpaccio, sensational when sprayed onto fish & chips. Almost a must in meaty salads, or drizzled over boiled vegetables gives a tasty twist. Used in celeriac or potato salad makes a hearty addition. Drizzled over pork brawn adds that special touch, a few drops in dark sauces  or creamy vegetable soups gives a nice finish, and a seafood chowder finished with a few drops of lager vinegar will keep your guests asking for seconds.

Handcrafted from New Zealand lager beer.
Aged for 12 months, no added preservatives.
Minimum acidity 4.5%,
100ml in handy atomizer bottle – fish and chips will never be the same!!!

Weight .260 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 15 cm


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