Feijoa Vinegar oak barrel aged 250ml

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In addition to all the attributes of the Feijoa Vinegar (listed below) this vinegar has a beautiful complexity and is layered with incredible caramel flavours. Due to the maturing in oak barrels the vinegar transformed into a lovely dark amber colour.
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The Feijoa vinegar has a very fruity and refreshing taste, the feijoa characteristics are well preserved in this fantastic vinegar.

Feijoa vinegar has many uses. Perfect in vinaigrettes for leaf salads or pasta salads. Gives a very tasty result if used on fish dishes instead of the traditional lemon. Perfect for Asian cooking. Incredible for enhancing yoghurt dressings. Used in a reduction for a hollandaise sauce gives a nice twist. A few drops into a fruit salad achieves an outstanding result. On hot summer days try diluting the vinegar with water or mineral water as a refreshing, healthy and thirst quenching alternative.


Naturally brewed from ripe feijoas.
Matured in oak barrels for 36 months.
Minimum 4.5% acidity

Weight .515 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 15.5 cm


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