My vinegar room is my sanctuary.

I still work as a chef, which at times is very stressful, so as funny as it sounds I love going to my second “job” to unwind.

Most processes are slow, you can’t rush nature.

The most incredible part of my vinegar room are the sounds and smells. The smell of fruit turning into wine and the wine into vinegar is present and slightly different in any corner of the room and the bubbling sound of fermentation has a very calming effect. I spent a lot of time in my vinegar room, vessels of all sorts are in different parts of the room, made of  stainless steel, glass and wood.

The second half of summer and spring are the busiest time in the production area with most of the fruits I use in season, The other times of the year keep me busy with  filling and packaging. I just love doing it, it’s my passion.

Chef Bernd, owner of Artisan Vinegar, in an interview with “My Home Foodie” website.

About Artisan Vinegar

Artisan Vinegar was founded in 2011 by Executive Chef Bernd Lippmann.  Bernd wanted to showcase and use unique New Zealand produce and transform them into outstanding artisan products, which reflect a taste of New Zealand.

The tasty vinegar ride started with Kawakawa, Tamarillo and Feijoa. After initial tests Bernd was encouraged by fellow chefs to produce and sell the vinegars, Artisan Vinegar was born.

Demand for different New Zealand made vinegars grew as did the range of vinegars produced. Bernd, being a chef with heart and soul expanded the range with unique chutneys, jams and curds.

The Process

Our story wins over the foodie every time. All products are small batch made to ensure utmost quality. No artificial colours or flavours go into any of our products. Also no preservatives are ever used. The vinegars are double fermented and nurtured from fruit to wine to vinegar, a process which can take up to 8 months.

To further impress our unique packaging provides a great display. It appeals to foodies as well as the present and gift buyer.

Dare to be different!

Our handcrafted vinegars and condiments will bring your inner foodie out. Corporate gifts or private gifts, retail or foodservice our products will leave a lasting impression, try it.

Our Philosphy

We strive for perfection and to focus our energy on the creation of outstanding vinegars as well as vinegar related products, like mustards and chutneys, used in culinary creations.

Concentrating on New Zealand flavours and outstanding local produce enables us to capture the spirit of this beautiful country across our range of products.

About Bernd Lippmann

Bernd Lippmann is a chef by trade, who arrived in New Zealand (from Austria) many years ago with a back-pack on his back and a plan to explore.  A couple of days before he was due to leave the country he was offered a job, he accepted it, and the rest is history.

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