Simply delicious – Piña Colada Curd

The Piña Colada is a pineapple, coconut cream and rum based classic cocktail that needs no introduction. Close your eyes, think about the deliciousness and get ready to be transported to paradise.

Now let’s put a little spin onto this classic cocktail. A couple of additional ingredients, a little heat and some patience and voila, all transformed into a silky, gorgeous Piña Colada curd. Just like its cocktail brother, pure bliss in a glass!

Uses are only limited by ones imagination. Add a large spoon full into a blender with your favorite fruits and create a incredible smoothie. Lashings drizzled over pancakes or waffles creates a breakfast fit for kings and queens. Combined with cream and filled into brandy snaps is just finger licking good. Served with cheesecake or poured over ice cream will put a guaranteed grin onto your face. Enjoy it simply spread onto toast or fruit bread. Uses are endless. Taste only a spoon full of our Piña Colada curd and you can feel the sea breeze of a tropical island.

Only the best ingredients go into our Piña Colada curd. We also ensure no artificial colours or flavours are used and our Piña Colada curd is definitely free of any preservatives. Only free range eggs are used, which is reflected in the rich deep yellow colour of the Piña Colada curd.

To celebrate spring and the start of the hopefully warmer season we put a special on. Buy one Piña Colada curds and get the second one for half price. Simply enter pina colada curd in the code box in the cart. Available  until 30th November 2017.

We would love to hear how much you enjoyed our Piña Colada curd. Let us know which wonderful creation you enjoyed our curd with. Email us your favourite recipe. Every published recipe will get a little surprise as a thank you for sharing with us.

Enjoy our Piña Colada curd and see you in paradise!


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